The benefits

The benefits for food waste producers

Treating waste through our anaerobic digestion process is significantly cheaper than sending it to a landfill site or a composting plant. We have developed our systems so we can process waste for around a third of the cost of sending it to landfill, ensuring that your disposal costs are greatly reduced.


The benefits for farmers

The end result of our process is a nutrient rich digestate biofertliser which can be spread to land to reinvest its nutrient content into new crop growth. Digestate is a black liquid similar to the thickness of gravy.


Andigestion can dramatically help your company reduce its waste disposal costs.

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Policies and Documentation

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The Team

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How it works

Find out how we turn your food waste into green energy.


About Us

We are Andigestion, a leading investor and innovator in the renewable energy sector.

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The Home of UK Anaerobic Digestion

The Pioneers of Food Based AD in the UK

Andigestion operates and designs commercial scale AD plants in the UK. The plants process industrial and domestic food waste to create renewable energy and a nutrient rich fertiliser. We work with local authorities, waste contractors, industry, local food producers, farmers and land owners to develop a cost effective and efficient method of waste processing.  Andigestion were the first UK operator to run a food waste only AD plant  and are hugley experienced in organic waste treatment.


Since taking over the Holsworthy plant in 2005 we have invested heavily in research and technology to develop one of the most efficient biogas plants in the UK and we are now developing several more. We develop many of our own systems and technology to ensure that we get the most out of the process with maximum efficiency.

We believe that great ideas, great people and great implementation are the key to our success and with the AD sector being so young in the UK we want to be sure we are at the forefront of innovation in every respect. We’re not afraid to have conviction in an approach or methodology that might stray from the norm.

Community Engagement

Andigestion is proud to be involved in supporting the local community both in Holsworthy and Bishop’s Cleeve. We hold regular liaison group meetings with the local community to discuss new developments and initiatives.  We also arrange annual open days where we invite members of the public to visit and tour the sites to find out more about the process. We are also proud sponsors of Holsworthy Youth FC and Cheltenham North Rugby Club.

We offer services that can benefit all types of business.

Local Authorities Local Authorities

Local Authorities

Local authorities who separate their waste collections can help to meet their goverment targets and reduce collection costs through diverting organic waste to our AD process.

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Waste Companies Waste Companies

Waste Companies

Andigestion provides an excellent service that customers adore, clean bins, exchanged on time and at a great price.


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Food Producers Food Producers

Food Producers

Treating waste through our anaerobic digestion process is significantly cheaper than sending it to a landfill site or a composting plant.


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Farmers Farmers


The end result of our process is a nutrient-rich digestate biofertliser which can be spread to land.


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