The benefits

The benefits for food waste producers

Treating waste through our anaerobic digestion process is significantly cheaper than sending it to a landfill site or a composting plant. We have developed our systems so we can process waste for around a third of the cost of sending it to landfill, ensuring that your disposal costs are greatly reduced.


The benefits for farmers

The end result of our process is a nutrient rich digestate biofertliser which can be spread to land to reinvest its nutrient content into new crop growth. Digestate is a black liquid similar to the thickness of gravy.


Andigestion can dramatically help your company reduce its waste disposal costs.

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A Recycling ‘First’ For Porthleven Food & Music Festival

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Porthleven Food & Music Festival is a highlight of the UK’s festival calendar.  As an event which attracts around 50,000 people to the stunning harbour port near Helston in Cornwall, it brings together national and international chefs’ theatre, food stalls, street food and of course, music day and night!

However, once the festival-goers have gone home, the big clean-up begins – and that’s where Andigestion steps in. This year, we worked in partnership with festival organisers to place 90 x 240-litre wheelie bins around the venue to collect food waste – and for the first time in its 10-year history, the Festival’s stallholders, food outlets, bar operators and visitors had the opportunity to recycle their food waste rather than send it to landfill.

“We also had a stand at the event and were greatly encouraged by the high level of interest in food waste recycling,” comments Gareth Williams of Andigestion.  “Lots of people were asking about what happens to the food waste that we collect – proof if needed that there’s a growing awareness of the importance of recycling and of the need to avoid sending it to landfill.”

Food waste collected during the Festival was taken to Andigestion’s recycling plant at Holsworthy, near Bude, which recycles approximately 76,000 tonnes of the south west’s food waste each year. Through its anaerobic digestion process, the plant contributes clean, green and eco-friendly energy to around 10,000 local homes by producing electricity which is fed back into the national grid.  The ‘digestate’ by-product of the process – a mineral-rich, liquid fertiliser – is used by local farmers as a sustainable alternative to carbon-intensive chemical fertilisers.

Alec Short, Director of Festival organisers ARC Live said: “As organisers we are very aware of the impact of our event on the environment and are committed to being responsible for minimising this as much as we possibly can. We were delighted to work with Andigestion to recycle our food waste in 2018 and the reaction from our festivalgoers has been really positive so we’ll definitely be looking for even more ways to reduce our environmental impact in 2019.”

We offer services that can benefit all types of business.

Local Authorities Local Authorities

Local Authorities

Local authorities who separate their waste collections can help to meet their goverment targets and reduce collection costs through diverting organic waste to our AD process.

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Waste Companies Waste Companies

Waste Companies

Andigestion provides an excellent service that customers adore, clean bins, exchanged on time and at a great price.


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Food Producers Food Producers

Food Producers

Treating waste through our anaerobic digestion process is significantly cheaper than sending it to a landfill site or a composting plant.


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Farmers Farmers


The end result of our process is a nutrient-rich digestate biofertliser which can be spread to land.


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