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The benefits for food waste producers

Treating waste through our anaerobic digestion process is significantly cheaper than sending it to a landfill site or a composting plant. We have developed our systems so we can process waste for around a third of the cost of sending it to landfill, ensuring that your disposal costs are greatly reduced.


The benefits for farmers

The end result of our process is a nutrient rich digestate biofertliser which can be spread to land to reinvest its nutrient content into new crop growth. Digestate is a black liquid similar to the thickness of gravy.


Andigestion can dramatically help your company reduce its waste disposal costs.

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Grangefield Primary School gives a thumbs up to food waste recycling

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Grangefield Primary school in Bishops Cleeve is one of the first schools to sign up to the new Gloucestershire based food waste disposal service provided by Andigestion. The move is part of an initiative by the school’s eco-council to create a greener school.

All the food waste from Grangefield Primary School, including food waste from the onsite kitchen and break rooms, will now be sent to the Andigestion anaerobic digestion plant at Bishops Cleeve. The food will be processed and turned into biomethane, which is fed back into the National Gas Grid and used in homes across the local area. A secondary product from the process is a liquid fertiliser which is delivered to local farmers to grow their crops.

This 360o approach is what attracted the school and its caterer, Edwards and Ward, to the Andigestion system. Jane Woolf, Contract Manager at Edwards and Ward said: “We source our meat from local farms and it is butchered locally too. We have always worked hard to keep food waste to a minimum but this now completes the circle for us – food produced and processed locally, cooked and consumed locally and then recycled into energy and fertiliser for the farmers – perfect – farm to fork and back to the farm again!”
Edwards and Ward is hoping to roll out the system across the 186 schools it works with in Gloucestershire in the New Year.

Grangefield School’s Eco Council is made up of 6 KS2 students who meet regularly to discuss how the school can be more eco-friendly. The students have already implemented a scheme where all lights must be turned off if a room is not in use and are now excited to be introducing the food waste system to the school. The school is marking the move with an assembly delivered by Jason Ward from Andigestion and a competition to teach students about recycling and food waste.

Karen Lewis, Grangefield Primary School’s Head Teacher said: “Food waste is the missing link for the school; we are already recycling cans, card and paper and now being able to recycle food waste means that we are a much greener school. The students are really enthusiastic about making sure all of our recycling is done correctly and they think that the new colourful bins look really good.”


Grangefield School

We offer services that can benefit all types of business.

Local Authorities Local Authorities

Local Authorities

Local authorities who separate their waste collections can help to meet their goverment targets and reduce collection costs through diverting organic waste to our AD process.

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Waste Companies Waste Companies

Waste Companies

Andigestion provides an excellent service that customers adore, clean bins, exchanged on time and at a great price.


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Food Producers Food Producers

Food Producers

Treating waste through our anaerobic digestion process is significantly cheaper than sending it to a landfill site or a composting plant.


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Farmers Farmers


The end result of our process is a nutrient-rich digestate biofertliser which can be spread to land.


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